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by Gabriel San Roman ​​

​​​​​We are against the criminalizing of our communities and neighborhoods. Referring to our neighborhoods as "gang-infested" and labeling our neighbors as gang members, affiliates, criminals, delinquents, etc. is not just stereotyping when it is used as evidence. When police document how we dress, how we speak, how we walk, how we look, how we socialize and who we are related to, in order to criminalize non-criminal behavior it is not just unjust, it is systemic oppression. 

We are against the violations of basic civil rights.  By using criminalizing and dehumanizing terms law enforcement is better able to disguise their abuse of power and disregard for basic legal protections for our communities. Law enforcement monitor us, categorize us, and place us on a gang database without being required to show cause in court or provide us with an attorney to defend ourselves even though there are real legal consequences for being placed on the gang database. This gang database is the primary evidence used to justify gang enhancements and gang injunctions....

 We need the city, the police departments, and the schools to stop diverting our attention by initiating, implementing and maintaining oppressive policies and practices so that we can spend our time building and creating solutions. We demand that our community approves any proposed enforcement policy, as we are the experts in our lives. We demand that those concerned do everything in their power to give our communities the opportunities it deserves to flourish educationally, physically, professionally, and spiritually....

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