Chican@s Unidos is a diverse group of Raza from Orange County that promotes cultural and political empowerment for the Chican@ Mexican@ Indigenous communities of Orange County. Our organization has roots in the Chicano Movement, Chicano Moratorium, MEChA, and other social justice movements.  


Who Are We? 


Annual Dinner and Dance Fundraiser

Friday September 8, 2017 

6:00pm to Midnight

415 N. Sycamore

Santa Ana, Ca

We have monthly meetings and meet in committees throughout the month. Please contact us for more information. 

In The News

Check out our links to articles that include Chican@s Unidos. 

Summer Internship

Interns have been selected and notified. 

Get Involved

We present in high school classrooms, university classes, conferences, panels, community centers, living rooms, backyards, parks, pretty much where ever folks would like us to present. If you would like Chican@s Unidos to present please fill out the form. You can also call or email. Click below to request a workshop or presentation

Chican@s Unidos de Orange County