We Support Students Standing Up to Racism and Xenophobia

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Chican@s Unidos supports these students. 

Students stand up against Racism & Bigotry!

Since last fall, Newport Harbor High School students who are Trump supporters have worn their politics on their T-shirts at school, which is 38% Latino and 52% white. But students became particularly alarmed last week when anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican, derogatory graffiti was chalked throughout the campus including the words “fuck illegal aliens”, “wetbacks” and a heart drawn alongside Trump’s name.

“With Donald Trump, [students] are more open about their hate and the things they say,” Angelina Alvarez said.

After the anti-Trump protests last week in Costa Mesa, where one of their 13-year-old friends was choked and punched, the Latino students had had enough – half a dozen students wore Dump Trump T-shirts to school last Friday to make their feelings known.

Since their story went viral, students at their school and surrounding schools want to take a stand. The NHHS students are now raising money for their peers who want to UNITE AGAINST HATE! 

In the Guardian, May 3rd 2016

Latino students win battle to wear Dump Trump shirts to school by Yvette Cabrera​​

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